Health Shoppe

The Health Shoppe is a chain of health food stores that sell high quality natural and organic products. We offer 1000+ products including natural health supplements, sports nutrition, personal care, libido health, liquid supplements, aromatherapy, health foods and much more.

We represent the top brands globally including:

  • Sports Nutrition – MetRX, Muscletech Nutrition, BSN, Universal Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition, ISS, USP Labs, Nutrex, Optimum Nutrition & more.
  • General Nutritional Supplements – Nature’s Bounty.
  • Liquid Supplements & Superfruits – Dynamic Health Vitamin D, Glucosamine, Acai, Noni, Mangosteen.
  • Personal Care – Alba Botanica, Avalon Organics & Jason Vitamin C Skincare, CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense, Acnedote, etc.
  • Libido Supplements – The only reseller of the original VigRX.
  • Aromatherapy – Auracacia Essential Oils.


Opening Hours

Sundays & Public Holidays1000-1800

Contact Information

Telephone0773810211, 0773810212, 0773810213