FUNSCAPES – Nairobi’s 1st Family Entertainment Centre.

If you are looking for good clean wholesome fun in Nairobi for the whole family, you are now in luck!  The first indoor family entertainment centre has opened in Thika Road Mall. Funscapes, a company specializing in family entertainment with centres in the UAE and in India, has opened a 12,000 sq ft miniature amusement park with a variety of rides and attractions, and offering employment opportunities to 25-30 people. Catering to children of all ages – from the 60 year old young at heart to the toddler finding his feet, Funscapes has different activities that not only ensure that everyone has a great time but also enhance the skills of children.

Specific games and activities are designed to teach toddlers better hand-eye coordination; young children can take out their energies in the soft contained play structure which replicates the outdoor play area like climbing, sliding, obstacle crossing in a safe indoor environment.

The Activity Studio in Funscapes has regular karate classes, including a women’s self defense program, with the lead instructor the Kenya National team captain; dance classes with instructors from the Sarakasi Trust; pottery classes, arts and crafts classes, and other activities designed to teach children to be the best they can be.

The other rides like the Bumper Cars, the Ultra Flight, the Drop Tower, the video and redemption games transport you to a world where anything is possible, whether you are in a high speed chase, avoiding fast moving traffic, shooting the bad guys or just scoring a 100 points on the basketball, here everybody is a kid and no money is ever better spent.


Opening Hours

Sundays & Public Holidays1000-1800

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